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Just A Heads Up, Folks. I’ve Changed A Lot.

I’ve deleted all my posts from years ago that were utterly stupid, racist, Islamophobic, sexist and flirting with white nationalism……..they were so cringey. A lot has changed for me since those times. I was a very angry, young, bitter person, and I was directing all that negative emotion towards minorities and women and “evil Leftists”. … Continue reading

  • I can't work out how to use one of my photos and put it up as my profile picture. I choose a photo from my computer, select it to be my profile picture on Gravatar, then it simply doesn't show up. I'm stumped.That is all. 
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Have a look around, read some stuff. Some of it is funny, some silly. But all of it, most importantly, is drenched in sarcasm. Also I'm not really a goat!


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