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Last Meal? (poem)

  When you’re on the walk, to your imminent death, Rattling with glee jail cell doors, you get to eat one last dish. … What foods does the inmate choose? It’s mostly cultural and familial and habit, What fatty concoction does the murderer muse? Chicken and fries? Victim blood in a chalice? … It’s a … Continue reading

Drinking Poem!

The glass fell over the edge, it shattered. The drunk fell with it, blood splattered. … “Call an ambulance”, thinks the drinker, “No no, sleep it off, I’ll be fine”. In the drunk’s mind, tomorrow’s another day, don’t think about things… … In his stupor, with blood spewing, bathroom towels become, the cure of the … Continue reading

My Night.

Went to a local club/pub for a trivia night with some old high school friends I haven’t seen in ages. Well, it was called off and I didn’t find out in time, because I only have Facebook messenger on my home computer and for some reason haven’t asked for any of their phone numbers yet. … Continue reading

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I’m here, somewhere in between misery and complacence, What is life, though? A journey from start to finish, born all fingers and all toes, A river we’re THROWN into, forced to row! … I didn’t ask to be born, I don’t want to die, mind you, I like being here, the stars and my life … Continue reading

What Clever Historical Figures Say About Islam.

From the great French dude Voltaire; . “The Koran teaches fear, hatred, contempt for others, murder as a legitimate means for the dissemination and preservation of this satanic doctrine, it talks ill of women, classifies people into classes, calls for blood and ever more blood. Yet, that a camel trader sparks uproar in his tribe, … Continue reading

A Short Poem by an Alcoholic;

Some words for that warm feeling when the booze hits you? “Happy Hour”. Because that’s about how long it lasts, before the last train to Blackoutville starts chugging along, towards innocent tomorrow mightily and relentlessly, as all good trains, destined for the tracks they live on, are built for, and little but graciously loved for … Continue reading

Sugar (poem)

If you were to buy the sugar you eat in a week, you’d return home with six bags, one kilogram each. That sounds like a lot, because it is! Try to cut out, this poisonous, luxurious leech. . So it began in New Guinea, some eight thousand years ago, Migration routes accrued, into India it … Continue reading

Gulag Archipelago (poem)

What would the Radical Leftists do if they had supreme power? No doubt, they’d put people in Gulags. . This most pervasive ideology among the young, Communism, Maoism, human suffering. . Don’t like what we do? Off to the Gulag for you! . Common posters were put up in Soviet Russia, “Remember, it’s wrong to … Continue reading

Thursday Poem

Red Bull gives you wings, the vodka mixed in, Really gets you flying. Problem? I’ll deny it. Alcohol is a depressant, they say, Depressed me meet depression juice, Happy Thursday. . “You’re a loser”, inner monologue sounds like Trump though. Ties with Russia?Me too, vodka is her name-o. Too much of her and I babble … Continue reading

Forgetting How To Poem…?

  It seems I’ve forgotten how to write poems, I can’t remember the order of things, The flow just never seems to get going, Miss Muse? I need thoughts injecting. … I know I’ve taken a few months off, I can’t say I’ve nothing to write about, The Hell of my love life, my issues, … Continue reading

Food for Poetryy

eat, sip, travel, click, pen down poetry = Helps best reflect on life !

beth tremaglio

Climbing, rock climbing, bouldering, inspire, soul

R. A. Douglas

Dream big! Live bigger!

Pure Glory

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. Psalms 19:1

Might be, I'm Wrong

I express here what I face in my daily life, what I see around me, what I think and what I feel i.e. EXPERIENCE of LIFE.