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Just A Heads Up, Folks. I’ve Changed A Lot.

I’ve deleted all my posts from years ago that were utterly stupid, racist, Islamophobic, sexist and flirting with white nationalism……..they were so cringey.

A lot has changed for me since those times. I was a very angry, young, bitter person, and I was directing all that negative emotion towards minorities and women and “evil Leftists”. The thing is, I fell down a right-wing YouTube rabbit hole for a good couple of years, it happens to people like I was then a lot!

I’m fully out of that now, angry that I wasted so much time being mad at nonsense. I now very much consider myself a leftist/democratic socialist – I think I always had ideas like free healthcare and a fairer economic system, but I was tricked into believing that the ills of society were caused by “Marxists”, “the Left”, “women” etc, all the typical right wing Jordan Peterson talking points. I always knew capitalism was totally unfair and such, but I didn’t know why and I got suckered into blaming the people and minorities that are the WORST effected by capitalism…..just so stupid of me.

The turning point for me was watching a video-game streamer called ‘Destiny’. He’s a pretty moderate liberal, but he would have long debates with white nationalists and idiotic right wingers. The soundness of his arguments were so clear to me, it felt like my entire worldview switched in an instant. From that point on, I’ve been reading more left wing literature and listening to left wing things on YouTube – ‘Chapo Trap House’ is the funniest left wing podcast in the world btw.

I just had to tell you all this, because today I realized I still had all those vile posts from years ago still on my blog. But they’re gone now. The old me is gone.

New me says hi, and welcome.


I used to be like this.


Now I’m like this.


About SarcasticGoat

Just a chilled out goat who likes sitting back, drinking lemonade and thinking about the world.


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