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Just A Heads Up, Folks. I’ve Changed A Lot.

I’ve deleted all my posts from years ago that were utterly stupid, racist, Islamophobic, sexist and flirting with white nationalism……..they were so cringey. A lot has changed for me since those times. I was a very angry, young, bitter person, and I was directing all that negative emotion towards minorities and women and “evil Leftists”. … Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD Poem)

Sliding into winter, wish I was in Jamaica. Cold and windy and wet here in Australia. The dark skies and rainclouds on the horizon, Weatherman says, “shit’s gone get cold, get some supplies in!”. … “Winter is coming!”, say my boring work ‘bros’, Game of Thrones final season is coming too though. That’ll end some … Continue reading

Human Culture’s Effect on Extraterrestrial Life

…..10,000 years later, the results were incredible. This is the human species’ legacy – unending drudgery, capitalism and greed – so powerful that it can transform highly advanced alien civilizations into the movie ‘Office Space’. Good job, us.

Untitled Story. Chapter 1 – (Rough Draft) – (Thoughts?)

Chapter 1 – The Fear. The man groaned. Slowly, quietly and creakily at first, but in the span of a few seconds, the little groaning whimper became much louder and accompanied by stretching limbs and eyelids flickering and struggling to open , a crescendo of pained awakening. The thin light beams lasering into the room … Continue reading

Capitalism (poem)

Rich gangsta rapper ‘makes it rain’, throwin’ hundred dollar bills in the air. Pollution from evil corporations makes it rain, acid rain, environment beware. The toothless man drinking rum straight from the bottle, who can’t afford dental. The family of 4 struggling, nothing for dinner but a small bowl of lentils. . No one but … Continue reading

Why Aren’t Millennials Doing This or Doing That?

It’s quite clear and simple to understand it. Explained with a mathematical sum. Why Milennials are shunning normie shit! Equation is go in 3…….2……..1 …   Sorry. We’re a nihilistic bunch. I blame trans-fats and reality TV. Peace out.        

How To Be Wealthy (satire)

Simple, Be a Baby Boomer, Go to a land grant state university that gets massive research funding from the government for almost no tuition cost Be able to afford it with a part-time job and graduate with zero debt. Get a high-paying job in manufacturing as the industrial world still rebuilds but before the developing … Continue reading

Gameoholics Anonymous.

You saved up for months to buy that computer, that sleek and beefy beast that your parents refused ya. Worked overtime at the store, and delivered pizzas on the side, until finally you could afford that apple of your eye. … Winter arrives, and you hunker down for a season of gaming. Shooting aliens in … Continue reading

Lunarocalypse (poem)

  We all looked up on that memorable evening, when the moon cracked apart and started falling. The Lunar Colonies were our crowning achievement, whole cities up there, state-of-the-art, sprawling. … They were built for us to escape our Earthly troubles, a short pit-stop on our journey across time and space. “Parts of Earth may … Continue reading

Some Non-Religious Wisdom and Life-Hacks For You.

In regards, or in retaliation (militant Atheist reporting for duty!) I suppose, to all the religious words of self-help and wisdom I see on the internet these days, I thought I’d go right ahead and try to disseminate some helpful tips and tricks to life from an utterly non-religious, humanist viewpoint. Now, I’m not dead … Continue reading

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