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Brain Juice. (poem)

What’s your brain juice? Coffee? Tea? Lemon and honey infused? Wine? Or beer maybe? … I personally like, wing of gnat, frontal cortex of housecat, mixed with old Spice, brewed in a cardboard vat! … It’s spicy and gets me flighty, too much gets me fighty! The cat brain aspect of this liquid atrocity, leads … Continue reading

Friendless (poem)

Ever since going celibate and Monk-mode, my list of friends has fallen to zero. Not interested in getting a girlfriend, leads your social life to abruptly end. … Everything these days is “group dates”, something in which I cannot partake. Why are single people seen as weird? It’s not like we sit home all day, … Continue reading


You have access to a time machine – it can go any time in the past and any time in the future. Where do you go? What time do you go to? Me? I would be very tempted to go far into the future to see where we are as a people – but, you … Continue reading

I’m Not Dead (poem)

  Haven’t posted in a while, No real reason why. It’s not like my brain is mush, and I haven’t been busy as such. … Well, I’m back, writing things like this. Poems that start off well but peter out, the very definition of “hit-and-miss”, Some are silky caviar, most are slimy trout! … Not … Continue reading

Song of The Day

I’m an ex-drummer, and I know how hard it is to drum well, let alone how to drum and sing at the same time – I could never do it – because I can’t sing for one, and because that level of co-ordination is beyond me. But Levon Helm of The Band could do it … Continue reading

Tonight’s Menu (Pizza)

Got home from work at 9pm. Scoured the fridge and the cupboards for a late dinner meal. There was some spinach and cheese pasta in the fridge, but just as I was looking at it, the freezer door above opened by itself….. ….staring me in the face was a frozen pizza. A pepperoni one at … Continue reading

End Of The World Poem

Red white and blue rockets, armed and ready, U.S. President, mentally unsteady. Red rockets of Communism, at confrontational angles, Nuclear for them? A venture newfangled.   Dear Leader of the Korean Peninsula, you’re low on discipline and high on insulin!

16 Word Poem

The Left the Right, The Nazis, the Commies, tired of both, enough of YOU ALL! Goodnight!

15 Word Poem

Three banks of five, good. Hello, Lord, took your time? Grant me immortality AND wine!

14 Word Poem

One more word to make this great! Let’s go, before the candle flickers out.

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