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If you’re not drooling looking at this picture, you may not be alive!

Oh my God! The greatest foodstuff ever invented! I love you Italy, and ALL Italians for inventing this glorious thing we call pasta!

I don’t know if pasta is good for you, but it tastes so damn good I’m willing to take the risk of lowering my lifespan by eating bowl after bowl of pasta fazool, pasta puttanesca, or simply spaghetti bolognaise!

Why is pasta so good? I think it’s simple. It had a huge amount of carbohydrates in it, which means energy, something we humans crave and love, although refined sugar has overtaken the market on energy that we need, replace that white shit with pasta, it tastes even better!

I had pasta for dinner tonight, I was home alone, so I made up some spaghetti in the microwave (yes, microwaved pasta is still good, don’t feel ashamed for making it), I opened some canned tomatoes, opened a can of chickpeas and red kidney beans, put them in, put in the tomatoes with plenty of salt and pepper, chopped up some garlic, threw that in, then for some reason I put kale in there too! Lots of olive oil to lubricate the greatness, lots of basil and other leaves which miraculously heighten the flavour…….they’re just leaves for fuck’s sake, how do they do that!?

Why is there no McDonalds Pasta version? Instead of selling cheap nasty burgers to people, they should sell quick microwaved pasta dishes to people quickly and cheap! Wouldn’t it be heaven if you could go into a McDonalds and say, “Uh, I’ll have one serving of Minestrone, with extra pasta”!

There’s a place in Australia called Fasta Pasta, which is very popular, and believe it or not, me the greatest pasta lover on Earth, has never been into one! But Fasta Pasta is actually a chain of semi-proper restaurants, I’m hoping for a fast food joint like McDonalds or Burger King, except they make fast pasta instead of disgusting burgers and chips that are more salt than they are potato!

Anyway, pasta is my favourite food, my second is pizza, my third is salami and cheese toasted sandwiches! This gives you a bit of an idea about how much of a food rookie I am…………..but, pasta…………is Godlike!

Peace out!



2 thoughts on “Pasta!

  1. Fettuccine Alfredo….food of the gods.

    Posted by suburbanbetty | August 24, 2015, 12:24 am

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