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Capitalism (poem)

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Rich gangsta rapper ‘makes it rain’, throwin’ hundred dollar bills in the air.

Pollution from evil corporations makes it rain, acid rain, environment beware.

The toothless man drinking rum straight from the bottle, who can’t afford dental.

The family of 4 struggling, nothing for dinner but a small bowl of lentils.


No one but the most heartless, selfish and cruel,

think that these things are cool.

But we’ve all be brainwashed since birth,

to believe this is the natural state of the Earth.


Pro-capitalists will say,  “it’s voluntary, you’re free to leave at any time”.

We aren’t, because opting out leads to a short and miserable life.

Try living a decent life without money in your wallet or in the bank,

it’d be easier to give a hydrophobic cat an Admiral’s rank.


The fact that we work jobs for most of our days and most of our lives,

just to be able to afford to survive.

Is sick, and inhumane, when you really think about it,

you only work those jobs for another man’s profits!


It rewards greed and ego and cruelty to all things living,

money is all that matters, no exceptions, unforgiving.

A CEO makes a thousand dollars an hour and his workers make seven.

No one talks about the CEO, but scream when the workers demand eleven!


It’s destroyed, or already destroyed the environment, the only planet we’ve got,

because the rich polluters and factory builders wanted to feel like big shots.

It ruins strong human social feelings of connectedness and community,

because everything is a competition, a culture of consumerist lunacy.


What can we do? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Workplace democracy, should be the number one task.

Then, we can start making more serious strides.

But first thing’s first, workers gain their rights and pride, worldwide.













About SarcasticGoat

Just a chilled out goat who likes sitting back, drinking lemonade and thinking about the world.


2 thoughts on “Capitalism (poem)

  1. Loved every word. So very true!

    Posted by Mahevash | November 8, 2018, 5:46 am

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