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Why Aren’t Millennials Doing This or Doing That?

It’s quite clear and simple to understand it.

Explained with a mathematical sum.

Why Milennials are shunning normie shit!

Equation is go in 3…….2……..1

Related image

We All Got Pocket Internets Now! No Need To Go Out!

Related image

Image result for no money

No Money……….”Aww Jeeez”

Related image

.…….For This……..

Image result for kids with parents cartoon

……Or These……

Related image

Related image

We Think Climate Change Will Turn The World Into a Fireball Earth!

Image result for equals symbol

Image result for walking away from explosion

Us, Millennials, Wandering Aimlessly, regretting our births.


Sorry. We’re a nihilistic bunch. I blame trans-fats and reality TV.

Peace out.





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Just a chilled out goat who likes sitting back, drinking lemonade and thinking about the world.


3 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Millennials Doing This or Doing That?

  1. trans fats suck

    i can’t go out tonite, my big lighter don’t light q_q

    Posted by some bloke | August 7, 2018, 4:56 pm

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