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My Night.

Went to a local club/pub for a trivia night with some old high school friends I haven’t seen in ages. Well, it was called off and I didn’t find out in time, because I only have Facebook messenger on my home computer and for some reason haven’t asked for any of their phone numbers yet. So I went there, weather was absolutely awful, windy and rainy, I stood outside the doors of the place chain smoking (in typhoon weather, that’s quite impressive) waiting for them like a shivering schmuck. Watched all the senior citizens with gambling problems shuffle in and out of the place at a shocking rate. Old people love their slot machines don’t they?

Finally said fuck it, went inside, bought a bottle of Coke (because I have a weird thing where I like to be seen as the only guy in a pub or party who’s not drinking alcohol) and sat in one of the heated outdoor smoking gardens and proceeded to sip my sugar water and smoke a few ciggies while watching the rain and thunder in the distance, just generally contemplated life for those 20 or so minutes. Was quite bloody pleasant.

Then I drove home and bought a bottle of vodka along the way, which I am currently experimenting with – Hibiscus Tea with citrus and vodka goes alright – got lots of vitamin c, blood pressure lowering qualities in the Hibiscus, then all of that gets shit on by the amount of vodka I put in it!




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