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What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I’m here, somewhere in between misery and complacence,

What is life, though?

A journey from start to finish, born all fingers and all toes,

A river we’re THROWN into, forced to row!

I didn’t ask to be born,

I don’t want to die, mind you,

I like being here, the stars and my life have a pact sworn.

I get meaning from science, others from pews.

The meaning you ask?

I’m not quite sure, right?

The answer must be darker,

than we can inquire.

Is it God!? NO!

He hasn’t called back since the year Zero.

Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha….or what?

We could’ve been created by a MEGA ROBOT!

We’re born, we live, we die.

There’s nothing more than that when you get right down to it.

Is that bad? Or good? Or neutrally fine?

Life’s like a box of chocolates, all you gotta do it chew it!

I happen to think we’re nothing more than biological machines,

just buckets of chemicals flowing as per the Universe’s rules.

Our lives are dreams within dreams within dreams,

All we make – the results of Primordial tools!

I have no time for God or Gods or any of His or Her friends,

they are merely fictions of our early imaginations.

If we could all get beyond that dirt of the stupid people who came before us,

we’d live in a world that was years ahead of the current detritus!


So, what is life about, I hear you ask?

Treat others as you would like to be treated,

And don’t treat them the way you wouldn’t like to be treated.

Comes from Ancient China, pure and free of Monotheist plaque!










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