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Last Meal? (poem)

  When you’re on the walk, to your imminent death, Rattling with glee jail cell doors, you get to eat one last dish. … What foods does the inmate choose? It’s mostly cultural and familial and habit, What fatty concoction does the murderer muse? Chicken and fries? Victim blood in a chalice? … It’s a … Continue reading

Drinking Poem!

The glass fell over the edge, it shattered. The drunk fell with it, blood splattered. … “Call an ambulance”, thinks the drinker, “No no, sleep it off, I’ll be fine”. In the drunk’s mind, tomorrow’s another day, don’t think about things… … In his stupor, with blood spewing, bathroom towels become, the cure of the … Continue reading

My Night.

Went to a local club/pub for a trivia night with some old high school friends I haven’t seen in ages. Well, it was called off and I didn’t find out in time, because I only have Facebook messenger on my home computer and for some reason haven’t asked for any of their phone numbers yet. … Continue reading

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I’m here, somewhere in between misery and complacence, What is life, though? A journey from start to finish, born all fingers and all toes, A river we’re THROWN into, forced to row! … I didn’t ask to be born, I don’t want to die, mind you, I like being here, the stars and my life … Continue reading

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