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Sugar (poem)


If you were to buy the sugar you eat in a week,

you’d return home with six bags, one kilogram each.

That sounds like a lot, because it is!

Try to cut out, this poisonous, luxurious leech.


So it began in New Guinea, some eight thousand years ago,

Migration routes accrued, into India it traveled,

In Europe it became as valuable as gold!

The Empires fought over it and under it, Confectionery Battles.


Trade routes formed around this white sandy stuff,

The sweet taste of it garnered many a lifelong love.

Teeth rotted, toes fell off, pancreases fought for dear life,

Impulse control centers of the brain rewired.


As addictive as cocaine or nicotine,

a big old spoonful of empty calories.

We have a problem with sugar in the world today,

And it’s really quite bad, let’s not downplay.


Obesity, cancer, dementia, heart disease,

Needless inflammation, that much’s guaranteed.

Tooth decay, digestive problems, constipation and more,

Each bowl of Ice Cream, for your body, means WAR!


Make a change for the better in your lifestyle,

Difficulty at first strikes us all, but stick with it like caramel to everything, it’ll be worthwhile,

Ditch the sucrose and ditch the glucose,

To the sweet white sand, say “Adios”!









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