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Gulag Archipelago (poem)


What would the Radical Leftists do if they had supreme power?

No doubt, they’d put people in Gulags.


This most pervasive ideology among the young,

Communism, Maoism, human suffering.


Don’t like what we do?

Off to the Gulag for you!


Common posters were put up in Soviet Russia,

“Remember, it’s wrong to eat your children!”

the starvation of that was such deprivation.

People thought about eating their own children!

Thoughts of freedom? “don’t be so oppressive”.


They’ll come for you in the night,

because it’s a time when people are sleeping,

“It has to be a mistake, it’s going to be alright”

Said the people arrested by the State, unyielding!


“Stalin never did nothing wrong,”

All of that is Western propaganda!

Communism will never work, the State is too strong!

People milling around, looking for food, meandering.


You have a contrary opinion?

You are a vile enemy!

Don’t want to submit to a totalitarian society?

We don’t care – accept Lysenko’s biology.


Communism, the ideal, is dead.

And has left millions dead along the way.

Nothing compares to the fearful dread,

Of the people who feared being taken away every day!


To all the Leftist, Stalinist youths today,

please realize you’re thinking has gone awry.

Your ideal society has never worked,

Hitler was an asshole, but Stalin was a JERK!


Sending people with even slightly different thoughts to that of the State,

off to Gulags to starve and die and work and die,

is a truly horrible and evil fate.

Individualism emerged for a reason, because it’s good, it means you’re alive!


“We’re in a class war”,

say the middle class students worldwide.

We need more enemies, MORE!

We need to stab them with our Devilish tridents!


What is Communism other than the denial of human nature?

“Doctors will be happy being paid the same as a truck driver”.

Communism is a failed experiment – nothing but violence and fracture!

More dead than in World War 2, Communism for you.


What does Mao’s China have to tell us?

Well, hunger is humanity’s least favorable stuff.

Anyone daring enough to start their own business,

would be killed at worst, run out at best!


It simply has never worked anywhere,

this ideology of “total fairness”.

Why does every non-Western country try to achieve Western Capitalism?

because even a flawed system is superior to Communism!







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