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Farewell To u/-loomy

Farewell, rest in peace, will never forget you.


To my Reddit friend and sometimes foe, u/-Loomy. We had hour long pun competitions on our particular Reddit group (/r/cripplingalcoholism in case you were wondering), we also had intense fights and disagreements about politics and Islamism and the like, but I remember you for the good times most of all. We shared something, I thought, although you seemed to have that effect on everyone you talked to.


Loomy herself – don’t let the innocent demeanor fool you –  although she loved penguins and goats, if you crossed her, you would be DESTROYED, no matter who you are! A vast intellect, always ten steps ahead of everyone else resided within her head!

You had an incredibly hard life – a life I couldn’t imagine. But you never let it get on top of you – you were the most hardcore woman I’ve ever met in my life, and yet I never actually “met” you. Where most people would’ve crumbled to dust, you rose above it and remained your same old, brutally honest, funny, brilliant self! You had the most perfect personality of persistent purity!


Your alcoholism and drug use landed you in hospital so many times, we on the Reddit group sometimes forgot to ask you why you were in there again!


You were estranged from your parents and your own child was taken from you by the state. You were homeless for several years and towards the end lived in a tent in the woods. But still you somehow found the effort and energy to post regularly on our Reddit group with the same panache and humor you always had as if nothing had happened!


I didn’t cry at my grandparents’ funerals nor my uncle’s funeral – but just yesterday upon learning of your death, I cried, and I’m still very upset by it.


The Reddit group /r/cripplingalcoholism is, at many a one’s first glance, a group of ugly, degenerate, weak willed people spouting off angrily and sarcastically, but at second and third glance, especially when you yourself are a crippled alcoholic or close to it, you see that this Reddit group is the most caring and ultimately respectful Reddit group you might ever have seen, or been a part of – think of it, all these people almost utterly washed away by alcohol, coming together and sharing stories and jokes and above all, dark humor – knowing they have a terrible problem with the worst drug on Earth, some relinquish themselves to it, some fight against it, some succeed and some partially succeed (/r/dryalcoholics), but still, all these alcoholics interacting with one another in the most brutally honest yet heartfelt ways, is, to me, something that strengthens my faith in humanity and how good we humans can be, to ourselves and to each other in the face of a truly life-threatening disease!


Anyway, the Reddit user /u/-Loomy passed away 8 days ago. She was the most interesting person I’ve ever spoken to.

And there is a charity GoFundMe campaign in her honour – and here it is –




I can only give a very small amount, I am hoping that some anonymous people who read this blog post can realize the importance of this. If you visit the Cripplingalcoholism Reddit page, and read through the outpouring of condolences towards Loomy on the Sub’s front page, you’ll know how much she was loved and adored. People on this Subreddit have died before, but Loomy’s death particularly hit hard, because she was such a colossal personality.


I would love it if you could give even a small amount to this GoFundMe.


Importantly – I will not receive any of the money, neither will the creators of the GoFundMe page – all funds go towards the St. Anthony Family Shelter in Wichita, KS.


Thank you very much. RIP Loomy.



2 thoughts on “Farewell To u/-loomy

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. What a sweet tribute to a real fighter.

    Posted by insanitybytes22 | May 24, 2017, 7:51 pm

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