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Forgetting How To Poem…?

  It seems I’ve forgotten how to write poems, I can’t remember the order of things, The flow just never seems to get going, Miss Muse? I need thoughts injecting. … I know I’ve taken a few months off, I can’t say I’ve nothing to write about, The Hell of my love life, my issues, … Continue reading

Farewell To u/-loomy

Farewell, rest in peace, will never forget you. . To my Reddit friend and sometimes foe, u/-Loomy. We had hour long pun competitions on our particular Reddit group (/r/cripplingalcoholism in case you were wondering), we also had intense fights and disagreements about politics and Islamism and the like, but I remember you for the good … Continue reading

A Pang of Genetic Patriotism.

  Listen. Watch. Enjoy it.  

Do You Have To Be Religious To Be Good?……….eh,…no.

The Western world grew to the place we know it to be today – because why? It wasn’t fucken religion that did it – it was science and progress in spite of religion. If you are a religious person I hope you eventually find the light (so to speak).          

18 Word Poem

Let’s go again, Modern life’s a spectacle of hedonism and muck, Just gotta find your place, Good luck!.

17 Word Poem

I may be milking this premise, but I still continue, It’s something fresh and new, Sue me!

16 Word Poem

Now we’re getting serious, a poem with gravitas and leanness, 16 words are a tough taskmaster, Continued…

15 Word Poem

Three banks of five words, Words, words, words, Thought you’d like that, Goodnight, readers, sleep-tight.

14 Word Poem

FOURTEEN WORDS! What in the heck? Does heck even exist? Atheist me says no!

13 Word Poem

Thirteen words, what is a man to do? Start writing stuff, Any ideas?

Food for Poetryy

eat, sip, travel, click, pen down poetry = Helps best reflect on life !

beth tremaglio

Climbing, rock climbing, bouldering, inspire, soul

R. A. Douglas

Dream big! Live bigger!

Pure Glory

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. Psalms 19:1

Might be, I'm Wrong

I express here what I face in my daily life, what I see around me, what I think and what I feel i.e. EXPERIENCE of LIFE.