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Triggered! Idiot Leftists, Communists and Cucks Go Crazy After Trump’s Swearing In.


Trump was inaugurated, it all went off without a hitch. The religious nonsense speeches weren’t appropriate or even relevant, but that’s what America does. The religious singing, same. Trump was looking quite impatient while all the flowery stuff was going on, he had ringing in his mind, “Come awnn, let’s get to business already”.

I did notice some things – –

  1. Michelle Obama had a sneering, contemptuous look on her face the entire time, which was pretty hilarious.
  2. Barron Trump was acting like a perfectly normal 10 year old. He looks bored and uninterested, typical 10 year old stuff. Celebrities and the like sent out tweets that were very rude about Barron Trump, calling him a “school shooter” and other awful things – one Saturday Night Live writer might well have been fired for posting an awful tweet about Barron, which I find pleasing. It’s crazy that vicious anti-Trump people actually think it’s totally fine to attack his youngest son, his wife, his whole family. Just goes to show they have no real arguments.
  3. Trump’s speech was actually quite good – it was the exact opposite of the Globalist, establishment speech that Hillary would’ve given. Trump’s speech was all about America – I don’t actually like Trump or most of his policies, but it is very refreshing to hear a non-politicians speech.
  4. Bill Clinton looks like he’s died recently and has been reanimated. Grim.
  5. Ivanka Trump looked gooood. Bill Clinton noticed too, you can bet on that!



Anti-Fascists hate violence and intolerance…….”hey let’s get intolerant and violent”

The Leftists, the Communists and the anti-fascists went to town, literally. Destroying property, starting pitch battles with the police and just generally being whiny babies. One guy was even shot! It’s funny how the hard Left Anti-Facsists are doing everything they rally against – that being; trying to silence opposing viewpoints, often with violence…..that’s not very progressive or tolerant, not even close.


Here’s what TRIGGERED me! This absolutely steaming pile of dogshit Tweet by Bernie Sanders:

“President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you actually brought us closer.”



“I……..may not know what I’m talking about”

You idiot, Bernie. It was the Left and the Social Justice Warriors that did all the dividing of people by race and gender (Black Lives Matter for example!), not Trump, I doubt Trump even cares. He only cares about money and power, not your newly invented pronouns. Shaddap.


So, Trump is the President. Not ideal, I know. His love of Putin (a genuinely dangerous thug) is concerning to say the least…..that and he’s an unlettered dunce, this Trump. But, hopefully he might be open to some compromise if it benefits him in some way – you know, he gets 80% of the shares in a new green energy project or something like that. Take this moment in your minds and keep it there, because this is indeed an historic occasion.







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