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My Predictions For The Next 5 Years

These predictions are purely speculative and not based on any specific information…………..

…………………apart from my friend, FligSpark the time traveller!



2017 – Trump becomes President. Russia and Putin plays him like a puppet, coerces him into doing even stupider things that even he could have thought of – totally disbanding NATO and NAFTA eg, effectively isolating the US completely. Slight chaos ensues. Things still manageable.

2018 – Hillary Clinton dies of natural causes. The Democrats and Social Justice Warriors blame Russia and Trump and the alt-right for her death. Left-Right tensions reach boiling point, violence erupts on the streets. Certain cities become legitimate war-zones. Martial Law is contemplated, but is rejected in favor of a policy of giving vast amounts of money to police forces and homes and businesses for security systems. Crime increases quite a lot in this period.

2019 – Russia invades several neighboring states it believes to be its own (no deaths, just vast mobilization into invasive positions), after ratcheting up their military a huge amount, they now have a more advanced military than the US. The US Gov under Trump doesn’t do anything substantial to combat this Russian aggression, the European Union (whichever nations are left in it at this point) stays strong and holds up a tough defense in diplomatic terms at first. But, after Russian obstinacy, actual European armed forces will be summoned and mobilized and readied for almost inevitable combat.

2020 – The 2020 Presidential campaign is well underway. The Democratic candidate ends up being, unbelievably, Bernie Sanders. The Republican candidate is Kasich of Ohio. Of course, there will an Independent non-politician running, and this one gets really close, closer than ever to toppling the two powerhouse parties, this person will be rapper Kanye West, believe it or not. Bernie Sanders wins, and wins easily despite being 80, he is seemingly a very different man, he is combative and unyielding and unwilling to take bullshit, while still holding semi-socialist views.

2021 – War breaks out in the Baltic states, the aggressors, Russia obviously. The US is unable to intervene, so this leaves the EU in dire straights, they do something unprecedented and very unpopular at first- they create a “European Army” to combat the Russian superpowers. A few million soldiers and civilians die, and fighting stops after the Russians are finally pushed back and defeated during the Battle of Minsk. Extreme measures are taken to make sure that Imperialist Russian aggression is defeated forever – a version of the proposed Morgenthau Plan (plan to totally de-industrialize Germany after WW2) is enacted. Russia is turned into a purely agrarian country, supplying a lot of the world with meat and grains and fibres.


Radical Islam halts its advance into Europe after witnessing the strength and effectiveness of a unified European Army. 


  • European Army is disbanded and the separate European nations get their own military’s back.
  • Sanders goes on to be a satisfactory-to-good President, installing a version of National health care, States rights suffer as a result of a lot of his policies. Gun control he fights for his whole tenure, but doesn’t get anywhere substantial.
  • Trump’s strict anti-Islamist policy actually very much helps the US in terms of safety. France takes on similar policies and sees its terrorism count drop to practically zero.
  • Hardcore Muslims/and Muslim groups around the world, who’d previously have been all aboard (whether actively or just in spirit) for an Islamic invasion of Europe in order to take over and create a Eurabian Caliphate are very much scared off from attempting such a thing, because they saw the ruthless effectiveness and efficiency of the temporary “European Army” in their battle against Russia. (see picture above)
  • We guys and gals in Australia get a bit shafted. Trump didn’t care about us at all, so we had to side strongly with China (our other biggest ally) in order to keep ourselves afloat.


That’s it folks, there be the next five years. It’s going to be a rough ride.




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