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Trump And White Privilege


White Privilege in action

You know why Trump won?

Because white people.

That’s not a sarcastic jibe, it’s the truth. From Brexit to Trump, white people, in the words of Bill Pullman in Independence Day, “Will not go quietly into the night”.

And the Democrats and left-wingers for some odd reason totally ignored white working class people, the majority of the US population…………..innit strange and shit!? Talk about white privilege eh?

There is a cold war against white people in the West. From the globalist elites wanting to import poor, dumb people from savage nations into Western countries in order to guarantee their votes, to the Social Justice Warriors fuming and spitting at any show of white European culture. The Swedish and German radical feminists who, after the Cologne rape crisis, held up signs saying “We’d rather rapists than racists”. Utterly insane.

White people have shown this year that they will not stand down and accept their status as “outdated, unneeded people”.

I’m not a White Nationalist, but I do want our race to continue. I’m encouraged.



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