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Ramble Gamble (Nonsense Story)


It was a crisp summer’s evening, but it was raining lightly with water the colour pink, which I thought was weird. I was traipsing through the forest near my house, it’s really more of a van with a mattress in the back. But they say about great houses; it’s all about “Location location location”, and my van can literally go to any location at will! Show me another house that can do that! My house is king.

Anyway, as I got deeper into the forest I started to smell a very strong odor. It seemed to be a thick chemically plasticy smell, also I could smell smoke and feel myself getting warmer. “Aha!” “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”, I whispered and gave a little twiddle of my non-existent mustache. I ventured deeper towards the smell, it was never in my nature to actively walk towards strong smells, usually I tried to avoid them, but this smell, combined with my semi-drunken state, drew me in.

Deeper still I walked on into the pink water-coloured summer’s forest. I came to a small clearing and could see in the distance a small table with about 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 people sitting around it. They were dressed oddly. Top hats, frilly vests, and no pants, just underwear. And as I got closer, I could see that they were playing some sort of card game. There were huge piles of glistening gold coins on the table. “These motherfuckers are illegally gambling”, “I must call the authorities”, I unwittingly said out loud. They all quickly shot their little heads around and locked eyes with me. I made the decision to slowly exit.

I took very slow, careful steps backwards. But I could go no further, because I embarrassingly got caught in a netted trap after reaching for a lovely looking apple on one of the branches near me during my senile escape.

I became the prize. For these scary little gamblers, I became the Grand Prize, hanging and swinging over their little gambly hands in a net, a net I put myself in, and for nothing more than that forbidden fruit. I gambled on a fruity treat, and I lost the bet.





2 thoughts on “Ramble Gamble (Nonsense Story)

  1. Nice twist!

    Posted by SD Gates | October 23, 2016, 4:34 pm

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