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World War 3 Is Coming……Soon.

Russia has urged all of its overseas diplomats and officials to return back to Russia with their families. They’ve also told every overseas Russian student to return home too. And, they’ve very recently undertaken a HUGE civilian nuclear defense drill, this drill involved about 40 million Russian civilians – one third of their population, and it cost the Russian bad economy a LOT of money, no doubt. They’re not fucking around.


If Trump (as much as I hate his dumbfuck ass) is elected President, I foresee that the tensions will subside somewhat. But if Hillary becomes President, then you can actually bet your bonnet on the fact that World War 3 (sort of a Cold War Realized) will happen!


Stock up on canned food and water. This war could very well result in old-style trench warfare. The Anti-Air systems are too good these days, no jets will be overhead. Most satellites will be taken out. No more good TV or internet for us! And all of this will happen WITHOUT nuclear weapons! I actually don’t think either side will use nukes – it’s just too stupid and it’s mutual extermination. But if nukes ARE used, then it’s all of the above times 1 gajillion!



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