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Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Us All!

Imagine this – an AI (artificial intelligence) no smarter than the average group of researchers at MIT or Stanford, no smarter. Well it may be just as smart, but it will have electronic circuits, instead of the biological circuits we have, and electronic circuits are at least a million times faster than our circuits. This AI would be able to do twenty thousand years of intellectual progress in about one week! ONE WEEK!

We humans walk along and we don’t care about the ants on the ground, some nice people step over the ants, many don’t. If we eventually build an AI that can program itself and make improvements to itself, there will be an unstoppable runaway event. This AI will become smarter than humans to the degree that we humans are smarter than ants! Just think about that!! The ultra-smart AI would regard humans as ants! They might be nice to us, most likely not. Likely they’d just crush us.

If we do create a general AI, we would basically be creating a God. A level of intelligence we smartypants humans could not possibly comprehend!

IF, and it’s a very IF, if we manage to harness the AI for our own doing, it would mean the end of human work. All jobs would disappear. The AI would be able to do all jobs better and faster than any humans could, and they don’t need to sleep or eat or shit or be paid!

This is a very serious thing – if a general AI is created, we’d essentially be writing our own death warrant. Elon Musk himself has said that creating an AI is akin to “Summoning the Devil”!

I’m scared folks!






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