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White People Must Be Stopped!

I will admit, I have no idea what this song is that these skinny white kids are attempting, but the reactions from black people I’ve seen for this video on YouTube are hilarious.

I’m indeed white, as white as you could be (English,Welsh and French), I cannot dance at all, or sing, even though I’m Welsh by heritage.

But I do love it when different races can laugh at the differences between the races in a lighthearted way. It’s great. It’s a sign of how proud we are of our prospective races/groups, and how readily we accept that different races are very different, in good ways.

But, just saying, Fred Astaire! – white as fuck, and the best dancer ever. Every Russian ballerina and ballet dancer, white as hell. What might be the case is that, black people are simply more stylish in everything they do, movement wise ans verbal wise, so that translates into a more fluid style of dance etc.

I’ll be called racist for this in some circles, but I can’t see why? I’ve said nothing but flattery towards black people.

And I love when black people make fun of the things we white people do – only wish white people weren’t so afraid to speak about the things they find different about black people.



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