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WordPress Password Scare!

Goddamn that was scary. I had to do a full system restore on my computer due to downloading some awful virus I reckon….not from porn (this time), from a video game I was torrenting, yeah it’s wrong I know, but this game is fucking old and close to free.

So, as I started up my computer again, all of my google, Youtube and Reddit accounts had to be logged back into, which was no problem, except that I had to get a new Google password, cos I forgot that one.

But getting back into WordPress turned out to be very frustrating and difficult. You see, I was ALWAYS logged into WP, always. So when I realized I had to remember my WP password, I got a big knot in my stomach. I could not remember my WP password so I tried the WordPress way of getting it reset – which seems simple at first, but NONE of the password reset links were getting through to my email account, which they’re supposed to. Big problem, I thought. I tried every damn thing, tried to download a server admin program that COULD get my password back but looked very complicated.

I solved the problem just now though. I logged back into Google Chrome of all things, and lo and behold, I went to the WP login screen and my username and password were in the two boxes, ready to go. For some reason Google Chrome seems to be the only thing that remembers my login details, thank fuck for Chrome!  I’m never using any other browser from now on.

Glad to be back, folks.



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