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Turgid Malarkey (Poem)


On the wagon again, aiming for 7 days this time.

Feeling quite literally awful this Monday night.

Drinking green tea with vitamin C,

Instead of that rotgut vodka, turns my insides green!


I have two cigarettes left, in my wet, crumpled up packet!

I could probably roll a few more, if I find that sour tobaccy!

I’m gonna go smoke one now, come to think of it,

which I do.




*Brief Intermission*

*Back In 5 Minutes*




Ah, I needed that, that felt good.

Bluish grey smoke seeps into the room!

Damnit, there must be a crack in the door jamb.

Ah, nevermind, I’ll fix it some other time.


I’ve got no caulk.

Now there’s a sentence I don’t think I’ve uttered before,

Here’s another one,

“Red flutes taste unnervingly of rum”.


Lacking sleep, money, and I’ve not a single friend,

not ideal, but I shall carry on, and carry things in my trendy jeans

Youtube is my one true love at times like these,

listening to classic O&A radio funnies!


There will be monies I’ll come into in the next 3 weeks.

Legally obtained of course! How could you even ask!? Jeeez!

Saving those monies up will be my mission,

I shall not waste them on a boozy remission!


I just had me some vegemite on toast.

B Vitamins up the wazoo!

 As Australian as a fighting Kangaroo!

Can’t wait for my morning roast, good night peeps.

(coffee not weed).






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