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Materialism/Body Obsession – – A Brief Analysis


I tend to ‘stalk’ people on Facebook and Instagram. You do it too, don’t lie. I do this out of sheer boredom, as do you probably. I also do it for a bit of material, ideas for new comedy ideas – why? Because I find it absolutely absurd the way that the majority of the people of my age group live! Always striving to buy and consume the latest, most luxurious items, items that no one really needs, but have been brainwashed to believe they’re lives will somehow be lesser if they don’t have the latest pair of basketball shoes…“You don’t even play basketball, Karen! Why the fuck have you bough those huge things!?”

Here’s just a very simple example of the materialistic lives they live and the life I live – –

materialistic lunch comparisn

This is a common type of lunch I find regularly posted on their social media. This does looks tasty, but also looks extortionately expensive and probably not worth the price. 

materialistic lunch comparison 2

This is what I will typically have for lunch. A PB sandwich. Simples. 

Now, I’m not saying that people who spend huge amounts of money on clothes, shoes, cars, gadgets and expensive food are necessarily worse people than I am. It is almost certain that the vast majority of these young materialistic drones are perfectly nice people, they’ve just been sold a junk cure. SHOPPING! – A junk cure for loneliness, boredom, anxiety, depression. You go out and buy items that you will likely dispose of quite quickly. Shopping and buying stuff provides a rush of dopamine and pleasure, I’m sure. But just like any other ‘addiction’ (and I can say this with certainty, being an alcoholic), eventually after you’ve become desensitized to shopping, you will never be happy unless you’re buying evermore expensive things, this will continue, and the pleasure you derive from it will grow less and less. I would never want to force you to stop shopping recklessly, just be aware that things can get very slippery when the real addictive part of the behaviour kicks in. The same can be said of wanting to be hyper-muscular or super-thin.

brain vs brawn

I’d also like to talk about the brain and the body, thusly –

There is an enormous obsession among peoples of my age about their bodies, namely, getting bigger, sexier, leaner bodies etc. And relatively very little attention is given unto developing their brains and intelligences.

It’s hard to argue that studying intellectual pursuits is any ‘harder’ than working out your body. I’d say that working out is a lot harder actually. So why are so many people lifting weights rather than lifting books?

I can’t say for sure. Nerd culture has seemingly been embraced and it’s now ‘cool to be smart’, but still, yoga pants and sports bras are more in vogue than reading glasses and a notepad and pen. It must also be pointed out that the media has literally been bombarding all of us with images of perfect fit bodies and has been telling us that we would be sooooo much cooler and popular if we all looked like those shiny, muscly people.

Here’s the thing. Learning is good, learning just for the sake of it is good. And you can do it at any age, any size, any time, any anything! I think a lot of public schools actually discourage curiosity in its students. Public schools were designed in the 1800s to simply give kids the bare essentials and get them out into the workplace as soon as possible.

If I could give you all just one-tip. I’d say, don’t ever be afraid of learning. Don’t dismiss a theory or possibility because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Be like young kids – be like them by always asking questions and by trying to live with at least a fraction of their unending curiosity.

Peace out (this went off topic fast)



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