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Alcoholism Stories.

I love it, at times.

I love when I relapse (it happens) and I walk into a drive-thru bottle shop (liquor store, yes we have drive-thru liquor stores in Australia, that’s how much we like our drink, we need our booze quick and fast like fucking McDonalds!) and the guys who work there know for sure that I am a horrible alcoholic……..but they don’t judge me, they don’t talk down to me at all. They know I’m suffering with the most awful of addictions and they almost mercifully give me my medicine when I pay them…….good blokes they are.

I went there tonight, one of the several liquor stores I go to on a rotating basis to avoid suspicion(that’s what we alkies do, we move around to different stores so that no one will notice us, it’s mad!) I have indeed relapsed. I was initially disgusted and depressed about it, but now I’m 3 quarters into a bottle of cheap vodka, and well…..fuck it….I don’t care for anything anymore, nothing more than getting more pleasure from this drink.

So, I actually parked my car in the parking lot of this particular liquor store and walked in on foot. And thank fuck I did! Because there were a shitload of cops, cop cars, paddy-wagons driving around this very liquor store (attached to a pub).And those very cops had pulled over a car that was identical to mine about a week back……that could have been me! And thank fuck it wasn’t me, because if they did a full car search on me, they’d have found at least 10 empty bottles of vodka in my car, and at least 10 more in the trunk!

I parked my car in this seaside liquor store, walked into the place and bought my bottle of Stefanov vodka (the cheapest shit on the market!) And the guy who was working there behind the counter that night…..even though he didn’t work every night of the week, STILL knew who I was instantly, he even grabbed the bottle of Stefanov before I could even say that’s what I wanted………..it was insanely embarrassing, but lovable at the same time. He even commented on the increased police presence in the area. He said to me, that he saw a Green Mitsubishi car (just like mine) get pulled over a little over a week ago, and he was commiserating about it, he thought I’d been done for drunk driving or something like that (that alone tells mes he knows I’m a drunk)………he for sure knows I’m a drunk and that I would possibly be pulled over drunk or whatnot…..it wasn’t me, by the way.

I very much love the people who work in alcohol stores…….I, as an alcoholic, have never come across a rude person working in one……I know they exist, though, but luckily they’ve all been great to me, and understanding of my problem.

I’m fucking drunk as fuck! Peace OUT!






8 thoughts on “Alcoholism Stories.

  1. I have this theory that only alkies but booze on Monday. The plan is always drink the rest Sunday and try to be sober Monday but by the end of the day, it’s on to the liquor store. I did this about a million times and always rotated stores.

    Posted by winoholicblog | August 6, 2016, 5:31 pm
  2. I hear you! I’m from Aus too so know exactly what you mean 🙂

    Posted by Letting go to get a life... | October 23, 2016, 6:14 am
  3. When you get to that place where you know you’ve had enough you’ll know what you want to do. The question is will you do it ? Only you will be able to answer that when the time comes. The only thing I would share with you is the following, you’re worth it!

    Posted by odibe67 | November 25, 2016, 7:00 pm

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