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“Queers For Palestine”……..uhm, what?


Sorry, all the Palestinian gays are either hiding or have been killed!

There is a group called “Queers For Palestine”.

It’s a group of proud gay people (and rightly so, because in our Western society, we welcome gay people and try to make them feel as welcome as possible) who are very sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian Muslims. Now, that’s fair enough.

BUT, and it’s a big butt….(and I cannot lie)

…If you openly live a gay lifestyle in Palestine, you will most likely be killed. You might be just jailed, but most likely killed. Often tortured, but if you’re lucky you’ll ‘just’ be thrown off a very tall building.

Palestinian muslims do NOT like you gay people! They don’t like you ‘queers’. I do like you, the West, in general, does like you and wants you to live as comfortably as possible.

The very odd thing is that…….if you’re gay and living in the Middle East, the ONLY place you can move to and live a normal, safe life…….is…….ISRAEL!

Israel, the Jewish state, the state that “Queers For Palestine” implicitly hate by dint of their very name!

I am convinced that the Left and the social justice warriors have been infected by some kind of alien virus. An alien virus sent down to kill us all through sheer stupidity and masochism.

Those aliens might have been here already! They might have sussed out our planet’s current situation and gleaned from it that they will try to kill us all through sheer political correctness folly and error, and not through sheer physical invasion….via….Independence Day style!

We have reached a very strange point in history. We’ve gotten to the stage where Swedish feminists are going around Sweden and Germany holding signs saying “We’d rather have rapists than racists!” Since Muslim immigration into Sweden in the last 10 years, rape cases have gone up 1400 percent! 1400! But no, these feminists would apparently rather be raped by a muslim immigrant than hear the “right wing” opinion that no more muslim immigrants should be allowed in! It’s absolutely insane!

The frequency of terrorist attacks in Europe have increased dramatically since the Middle Eastern migrants have invaded Europe. The French government has said that, “we should just get used to these attacks happening in France and Europe”……….what FUCKING kind of politician even says that!? Why haven’t they been disposed of immediately, who votes for such a FUCK who says that?!

Europe is a place I care for immensely. Europe, Western Europe in particular, is the very birthplace of the beautiful democratic, free society that we all in the West live in, and at times, take for granted…tragically.

I don’t want to worry any of you…..but if it came to ALL OUT WAR between Islam and European values, I would sign up in a second, I’m willing to put my life on the line for our Western values, just as my grandfather did in ww2.

I am SICK of Islam and its conquest values of war and rape and death. It’s a death cult, nothing more. Fuck it!










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