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Islam IS Cancer…………..hear me out.


SIMPLETON: “Yeah, but that’s not all Muslims, not all Muslims are like that, they’re not violent, most of them are just nice people”

MOI: “Well, okay, you can have that opinion, fine. But….to them, WE are the outgroup! They would rather that we with our values of freedom and secularism simply didn’t exist. They do not like you, as much as you seem to love them! They will not integrate, they will form ghettos where we cannot tread without threat of violence, and if you’re a Jew, then forget it, they hate you more than anything, anti-semitism – it’s written into their bullshit texts.

In summary, well…Islam is total cancer….it has fucked up every decent place it’s ever moved into…..without fail, it’s actually kind of impressive…..an ideology so awful that it ruins everything around it with a 100 percent success rate. It doesn’t belong in Europe, or in Australia for that matter. I don’t want Islam to be an influential force in Australia, to be brutally honest. I don’t want to deport every single Muslim, but I don’t want to take any more in.

I’m fucking done with Islam, enough. Reform your fuckhead religion!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you’re saying……”most Muslims are such nice people”………..I agree, the vast majority of them are. But they do literally NOTHING to oppose the violent proponents of Islam, other than saying to a cameraman “ooooh that’s not my Islam, those ISIS men aren’t good Muslims”………..well thank a fucking lot, that solves NOTHING!

If this doesn’t get me banned from Facebook or the internets, nothing will.

I care about European culture….the culture that gave us the world we live in today – progress, science, women’s rights, secularism etc. (Islamists do not want any of these things!) I want you to read this and remember this!….OUR CULTURE IS BETTER IN EVERY WAY THAN ISLAMIC CULTURE! (btw, ISlamist culture is one that by law cannot execute a virgin woman…..but they can rape that woman……then execute her because she’s not a virgin anymore! It’s actually sickening).

Don’t be a silent person about this, I want to hear every opinion, get commenting!



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