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My Alcoholic Brain!

Lizard Brain – “I like to feel good, I want to feel good and have endorphins come on strong and have this anxiety go away, alcohol can do that for me”

Human Brain, possibly the prefrontal cortex (any scientist feel free to correct me) – “Wait a minute here Lizard. Pleasure chemicals can be released in myriad other ways. Go for a run. Play a video game. Have a chat with some funny people on Google hangouts. Watch a funny film. Eat a big, starchy meal. Alcohol will certainly work, yes, but think of all the downsides – the hangover, the guilt, the money lost, the health lost. In my humble opinion, Lizard brain, alcohol just isn’t worth it.”

Lizard Brain – “BUT I WANT ME SOME ALCOH…..

Human Brain – “Shut up, you scaly fuckwit. I’ve made my, yes MY mind up, I’m in control if I want to be, we’re not having alcohol today. Leave it!”

Lizard Brainglumly catches a fly or two with its dumb tongue

The point is; we are always in control of our drinking, as much as it may feel the exact opposite at times. I’m a firm believer in the fact that we actually don’t have free-will, I mean how could we, our brains are made solely of physical matter, and physical matter cannot ‘choose’ to do anything, it can only react and respond to stimuli. BUT, if we make it our mission to become sober and stay sober, and we dedicate ourselves to this, it means that our subconscious has done most of the heavy lifting, because subconscious thought influences conscious thought to a huge degree. We need to get into a habitual thought pattern and pattern of behaviour regarding sobriety. A lot of people on this sub have indeed done that very thing – and AA with all its religious idiocy would no doubt have been a HUGE help. Religious thought is retarded, but it sure does breed habitual, routine thought patterns. We need to get into a habit of sobriety just like our drinking became our habit.

Okay, this sort of really tailed off towards the end, sorry. But my point remains – sobriety and sober thinking patterns have to become a habit for us.

Peace out, sorry for the rant.



2 thoughts on “My Alcoholic Brain!

  1. Stay strong, I am rooting for you over here. 🙂 G-uno

    Posted by idioglossiablog | July 21, 2016, 8:44 pm

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