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The Party Animals (Short Story cont.)


The night of the party came around very quickly, thought Reg. Then he remembered that he only received the invitation two days ago. Reg chuckled to himself, “Oh boy, I’m a silly goose”.

Reg was wracking his brain trying to think of what item of significance he was going to bring to the party; “My appendix in that old jar?”….”no, too gross”. “My grandad’s old army jacket?”….”nope, too informal”………”but wait, an Army jacket is among the most formal of all items of clothing”, Reg thought. The matter was settled. Reg would wear his grandad’s army jacket, after much cleaning and recolouring, course.

His pants were creased and good. His undershirt was silken and clean. His shoes were black as night and shiny as day. And his grandad’s army jacket was fitting snug and well. The smell of death was removed utterly by the nice, cute, little Asian cleaner Reg went to. “She was a delight of a woman, I wonder whether my grandad killed any of her Korean descendants in the Korean War………….probably not a very good ice-breaker, that” imagined Reg.

Reg made sure to walk to the location of the party, he did not want people to know he drove a beaten up, rusty Civic. The walk was luckily as short as Reg’s self-confidence going into this mystery occasion, so very little chance of sweating all over.

Reg was about 100 metres away from the party building when he saw his Asian cleaner right across the street. Reg was in a scared, anxious mood, so what happened next was done more out of fear and reflex rather than careful, thoughtful planning. He went up to his cleaner and quite simply asked her to be his plus-one to the party! She was taken aback at first, but did seem genuinely flattered and said yes to the offer. Reg asked if she had anything planned for the night. She succinctly said no. Nothing more than no. “Perhaps she doesn’t know English too well”. “Well, we’ll find out at the party I suppose”.

Reg and his date for the night walked up to the party entrance. Reg forgot one immensely important thing – he’d not even thought of the fact that his plus-one would also have to bring an item of vast significance too, otherwise they’d be rejected in no uncertain terms!

Part 3 coming soon



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