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The Party Animals (Short story) #1

party-invitation-template-6Reginald, Reg for short, Reginald Philippe Stone the 3rd for long, was invited to a party by one of the new people he met at his new workplace. Reg recently got a job in a booming new field – the AI Industry. Merely an office job at this point, but Reg always knew there was ample opportunity for advancement if he applied himself with rigour and sober clarity. “Maybe one day I could get into the actual AI building where they make all the AI’s and shit”, Reg would think to himself often.

The person who invited Reg to the party was a very, very attractive young female named Eve. Eve was the sort of girl with silky, milky pale white skin, free of any blemish, bright green eyes, long wavy brown hair and a perfect hourglass figure. Reg very quickly got the impression that every guy in the office had tried to get with Eve at least once, and that Eve was a bit wary and tired of all the guys chasing after her like hyenas. Reg took to Eve and she to her. Reg was a bit of a looker himself. He had shoulder length, curly hair, hazel eyes, pretty bad skin, but his beaming smile made up for it. He was six foot tall and built like an Olympic gymnast. Not that he worked out like a beast or anything, just freaky genetics. There was a definite chemistry going on between Reg and Eve that was struck up almost as instantly as they met – but hey, “that’s primate sexual attraction working at its best right”, Reg almost said, but then realized how odd he would look.

The invitation for the party read:


“Address – 778 Remnant Street, Oldtown, NNY”

“Bring a small token of significant importance to you – will be discussed at time of party

“Alcohol aplenty. No need to bring your own, we’re stacked!”

“Food is also all taken care of”

“Dress formally/semi-formally and very decent, but not like you’re going to a funeral or a Presidential dinner. All those who wear shorts and flip-flops will be rejected at the doors”

“Feel free to bring a guest, but your guest will also have to bring a token of importance, bear in mind, if they do not, they will be rejected”

“If you cannot come, do nothing.”

“This letter will self destruct in 5 seconds……………kidding.

“Hope to see you there!” 🙂 

Reg read the invitation. He was intrigued to say the least, he was FUCKING intrigued and a bit bloody excited to say the most. Reg really was not much of a party animal at all, never was. But he did need to make some new friends, and was willing to go along to this most interestingly framed party.




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