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Smartest Person Who Ever Lived (Plus Relationship Advice)

issac newton

This man invented the laws of motion, the laws of gravity, single handedly founded the laws of optics, and upon being asked a simple question about the elliptical orbits of planets, secluded himself in a village cottage for six months (the Plague was going on in Europe at the time, so he was clever to do this), he came back and answered the question. How did he answer it? He answered it by INVENTING the field of mathematics called ‘Calculus’. University students all over the world struggle for at least 3 year just to understand Calculus, but this man invented it in six months, basically on a dare!

His name is Isaac Newton. He did all this before he turned 26 years old!

Just to make the rest of us mere mortals feel a little bit better, Newton was an utter piece of shit human being! He was cruel and vindictive and nasty to the enth degree! He began feuds with people, and he was happy if they were made destitute and homeless as a result.

And he wore a wig…….sissy!

If it matters at all, Isaac Newton was a lifelong virgin – “he never even looked at a woman” has been said about him. Which gets me thinking, maybe a lot of men could become incredibly brilliant people if they weren’t so preoccupied with the chase for women. As men, most of our brainpower goes towards how to get women to like us, how to get them to sleep with us etc. If more men were totally asexual, like Newton, I wonder whether we’d see many more amazingly brilliant people like Newton?


Do any of you think that if the urge to reproduce was lessened, or done away with totally, our brains would be freed up to think about things in a more intense way like Newton’s brain clearly did?

I can say for myself – I have adopted somewhat of a MGTOW lifestyle (Men Going Their Own Way) – I don’t like the name, but it is what I am. I have become too annoyed by the irrational behaviour and thought patterns of women to even indulge the idea that I might get married one day or have a long term relationship. When I was a teenager and constantly chasing girls, I was a complete dumbass! But now that I’m no longer caring about that part of life, I’ve found that my mind is so much clearer. I can talk to people I vehemently disagree with and not shout at them, I just listen and give my own rebuttals. I am calmer, more rational, more compassionate, more committed to my own sobriety even! I’m not saying that women are the problem, I think it’s what society has done to women, society has screwed women royally. (any cool women who see themselves as different please do comment) 🙂

Just a side note – Newton write and studied religion and God and alchemy MUCH more than he did science, but it’s the science he did that matters and that we still use, no one cares about his religious learnings.

So, Newton was basically Godlike in intelligence, and the rest of us are mere ants!

Pleasant journeys, followers and readers.







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