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I don’t like MMA or any of that brutal fighting (I’ve tried to like it, but it all just looks like two toddlers wrestling)! But boxing is something I like, not especially for the fighting, but for the personalities! I suppose ‘Raging Bull’ ruined it for me – I just want to see two men beating the almighty FUCK out of each other with their fists!

I know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is probably the best boxer ever, but his style is one of utter and total defense, he beats you before he ever has to hit you! He’s that good at defense. As a semi-pro soccer player in defense, I love defense more than most would, I love defense to such a degree that others would call a soccer game “boring”…..I’d call it “great defense!”

This video is what I always expect from fighters……..to just street-fight it out until someone falls!

This is the best example I’ve ever seen of just……”I’m gonna fuck you up before you do!”





2 thoughts on “Boxing!

  1. Well, that was perfectly awful. Thank you.

    Posted by futurepilgrim | May 11, 2016, 6:28 pm

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