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Write What You See (Writing Exercise)


Hey comrades, brothers and sisters. Just a simple idea for this post. I’m going to write down all the things I can see/smell/hear/touch/experience within my general vicinity.

Let me try to paint a picture of my surroundings;

  1. There’s a computer screen that I’m looking at the majority of the time, there’s also a keyboard that I have to glance down to periodically because I can’t type without looking…..can you!? Nah, didn’t think so, so shaddap!
  2. Directly above my head is a glass-rack. My computer monitor is sat atop the bar area in my house, above my head is a long arching, beautifully made arch of wood turned into a glass-rack, the glasses hang upside down, the entire bar area was designed and built by my grandfather many many years ago.
  3. Directly to my right is nothing more than my mouse, my left speaker and the end of the bar. About 3 feet away is the back wall of the room. On the wall is a big Indonesian woven flag/banner type thing with an elephant on it.
  4. Directly to my left is a tin cup of green tea, a container of cashew nuts, and further left (along the length of the bar) is a collection of old antique glasses and decanters. There’s also a lamp (which is on, because it’s nighttime), an assortment of papers and my pack of ciggies.
  5. About 7 feet to my east, is a big TV, there’s some History Channel show about the Battle of Kursk on right now. If I’m not watching a war documentary, I’ll be watching soccer.
  6. At the far east of the room, there’s a table with four chairs round it. And about 10 feet behind me is the couch and two suede chairs intended for TV watching primarily. Behind the couch (along the wall that runs down that side of the room) are 3 big windows that take up the majority of the wall space (gives nice views of the windy hell that is currently going on out in the backyard).
  7.  The walls of the room are white-bricked. The floor is a beige carpet.
  8.  I’m hearing a variety of things. Primarily I’m listening to some old Opie and Anthony radio bits on my earbuds (funniest show ever), there’s the faint mumblings of what’s going on on the TV, there’s the loud banging outside caused by the wind, and then there’s the clicking noise of my keyboard keys going up and down.
  9. I am smelling a variety of scents. There’s a whiff of cashew nuts, a faint smell of Earth (that’s the green tea, I guess), my residual cigarette smell and also the stench of my own boredom (smells a bit like old socks and pancake mix……..explain that if you dare!).

Oh wait a moment, there seems to be someone at the front door, let me just get that………


Okay, some rather interesting developments……


I now have some new things to add to my variety of smells, sights and sounds.

  1. About 8 feet behind me is a man, about 30 years old, looks dead behind the eyes. He’s dressed raggedly and he’s sitting awkwardly on one of the suede chairs.
  2. Some new smells – the stench of hard liquor has flooded the room, also a strong odor of sweat, and some weird acidic smell I can’t quite put my finger on.
  3. New sounds – this man is mumbling in a very, very deep growling voice, can’t make out what he’s saying.

Hold on, I’m just going to get this strange man a glass of water.

Uhm, okay, some new sounds and sights to report……………..


I heard the chik chik of a shotgun loading, and I see the point end of a nice double-barrel shotty.

Apparently I have to go now, hope you enjoyed this anyway………………


………..*(LOUD NOISE!)*


Hello, this is the strange man here. Mr. Goat won’t be seeing, hearing or smelling anything ever again. See you later, I’m a go on a porn binge on ma new compooooter right here!





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