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Why I Prefer Windows To Mac


I’ve dabbled with Macs for a while, and they are, by far, the easiest machines on Earth to use, even easier than a damn butterchurn!

But, with that ease of use, that drag and drop stuff and the nifty apps, comes a feeling of…………emptiness, a feeling of “why aren’t I enjoying this as much as I theoretically should?” Macs also don’t play video games, other than little kids games and Mario Kart and all that simpleton shit.

Why do I prefer Windows? It’s simple;

  1. Windows play every single game on Earth with very little effort.
  2. Windows feel more human in a way, they get sick from time to time with viruses, and you have to take care of them and get them back on their feet. They crash often, in other words, they faint from exhaustion, but just leave them some time to cool down and they’ll get better. And if they get REALLY sick, you need to open them up and perform some intricate brain surgery – in other words, open up the file registry and rearrange some files here, delete some files there, and BOOM, your Windows PC is back on its feet.
  3. You can open up a Windows PC and replace/upgrade any piece of hardware, and it’ll work fine. Try doing that on a Mac and I imagine that Steve Jobs’ ghost will come and wreck all the stuff in your house in a fit of deathly rage!
  4. Windows stores are often quite empty (because Windows owners know how to fix their shit) and the people who work in the Windows stores are actually real people, not like the fake-smile, fake-personality, uber-attractive mannequin people who work in the Apple Stores……yuck.
  5. And most of all, Bill Gates is a pleasant person who pays all his taxes and gives millions to charities, while Steve Jobs was a douchebag, simple as that!


That’s why I like Windows better. Feel free to argue your case for Mac.




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