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Funny Of The Day

lobster funny2

The following sentence you’re about to read, came from a legitimate article on the subject of whether or not lobsters and crabs actually feel pain when you boil them alive. I believe the right phrase is ‘unintentionally hilarious!’


“Do you have the same concern when you kill a fly or a mosquito?” asked Robert Bayer, executive director of the Lobster Institute. “Cooking a lobster is like cooking a big bug.”


I don’t know why, but this made me laugh heartily! I can just imagine Robert Bayer saying this to the journalist, in a sit-down interview, subdued room, while wearing one of those white bibs with a picture of a lobster on it!

Here’s the full article below, if you’re into learning about the possibility of crustaceans feeling pain.


lobsters funny

WHAT? WOW! What an amazing optical illusion,huh?



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