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Hello, My New Friends.


Hello to all my new followers and readers, you are the glue that holds my……uh…..you are the glue that glues up the…..uh…..you’re just good people, nuff said!

(you certainly don’t seem to be the glue that holds my coherent sentence structure-creating skills together!)

I’ve just finished perusing my blog’s stats. Something very interesting showed up. And that something is this; I have a disproportionately high number of views coming from the UAE.

This is exciting. Because  http://www.arabianbusiness.com/number-of-uae-millionaires-forecast-grow-15-by-2017-589529.html

Cool story – There was a man playing video games and streaming it online on the website Twitch.com. On Twitch, people pay 5 dollars a week to subscribe to your channel, people can also give donations to the players of any amount they want. Well, this one guy playing games on Twitch, was given 100,000 dollars by a multi-billionaire Dubai-based person. This Dubai-billionaire gave 100,000 dollars to a few other Twitch players.

I’m just hoping this blog of mine reaches the computer monitors of some of you lovely UAE moneyed dudes. I could use 100 grand, if you don’t mind?

Goodbye, or as they say in Dubai “Thank god we’re leaving this desert shithole!”




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