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Alternate History #1

That wall in Berlin never came down.

Stalinist Russia never went down.

They both got stronger and stronger,

while the Western world crumbled.


Communism took over the world,

in the same way that the US did,

Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr never heard of,

Romanov, Kinski and Stefanov become the head-honchos!


No creativity boom of the 2000’s,

no fun no satire no love no compassion,

in place of those things,

ruthless efficiency, mechanical action!


Russia and Her Europe rule the world by far,

The USA landmass a hodge-podge of warring tribes and states.

Russia does many a great thing; builds bases on the moon,

while the Texans scalp the Virginians in the War of Southern Swoon.


Interestingly, the world in the year 2053,

is actually a much brilliant place.

There is no internet, or cell phones, or Twitter!

Everyone gets along and does what they’re told.


In the year twenty-three twenty-two,

All Russians now live on the moon!

They use the US flag to wipe up after dinner,

We Westerners are stuck on Earth, selfish sinners!


The end.






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