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Moderation (Rant)

For us, we, the alcoholics.

We think we can drink like normal people,

once we’ve reached that point,

we know we have a problem!


I’m at that point right now,

I cannot do without!

I still think I can drink like a dude,

one of the guys!


But I’m not one of those guys,

I’m sitting here at the comp. screen glass eyed!

It’s all around us, much more so for us than you!

I’ve only ever drank alone, at the computer!


I need to stop,

I want to stop,

but I cannot,

at least not at this point!


I have no money,

not enough to drink as much as I’d like!

no more vodka bottles for the next month!

I must get clean, smart!


To all those who drink normally,

good for youuuuuuuuu!

I love your habit,

don’t tell me it’s not!


I see gorgeous young ladies I’d like to date,

drink red wine like it’s going out of style!

yeah, that’s not great! Cut back on that!

You’ll be dead by 60 if you don’t stop it!


You all think it’s cool,

to drink poison the night long!


Cut back!


Your amazing legs, and busts galore,

will be defied by gravity,

age and booze!

stay young and healthy, you whore……s


So, Bernie Sanders is no doubt the best candidate available!

For you American gents and ladies!

Trump is a bum, and Hillary is a beach!

Sanders offers Basic Income, life’s a peach!


Sanders could learn from Trump,

in only one way!

He needs to learn that Islam is a shitbox,

irredeemable and a savage dump!


So, Sanders is my pick for Demo Presi Dude,

see you on the flipside, motherfuckerinos!


The end!







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