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My Life….

Quite simply, my life is trash!

I’m 24 years old. I’m a drunk. I have such a tiny amount of money. I have a shit job. I have no friends really, maybe one or two guys who I could call up and do something with, but we’ve lost contact.

I feel trapped.

But……I’m not too depressed about it to be honest. At least there’s one positive in my life – that being I don’t suffer from depression.

I’m not a fan of this society, really. I have never fit in. I don’t like most people, the way they act and pretend to be things they’re not. Overly materialistic, shallow, self-obsessed people everywhere!

I haven’t been with a woman in over 7 years! Their loss, I suppose, right ladies!?

I feel something impending about to happen. I can’t explain it, I just feel like something utterly insane will happen to this world. World War 3 maybe? Asteroid coming? I don’t know. I think everything will shift in the coming years, the whole world and everybody will be changed forever! Anyone else feel this?

So, in conclusion, my life is utter garbage, I’m struggling with the bottle, BUT, I’m actually rather chipper about life. I have an inexplicable optimism. Strange huh?

I’m currently at home, drinking vodka…..of course I fucking am, I’m listening to some funny shows on YouTube, old Opie and Anthony episodes, how funny is Artie Lange by the way! And I’m playing some video games, Forgotten Hope 2 (ww2 simulator), Arma 3 and a bit of Football Manager 2016.

I’m having a rough life, yeah. But there are some positives.

  1. I’m quite good looking and fit (no bragging, just the truth)
  2. I have a good sense of humor, I can laugh things off easily – life would be SOOO much harder if I were a very serious person.
  3. I didn’t knock up a girl and have a family straight out of high school like lots of people I knew did!
  4. I have access to the internet (the greatest thing ever!)

People always say ‘ignorance is bliss’. But I think that’s pure bullshit. People say, “I wish I were stupid, then I’d be happy”. I couldn’t disagree more, I’d rather be smart and unhappy than dumb and happy.

In conclusion, life is pointless and meaningless. Have a pleasant journey through this swamp of cruelty and randomness we call “LIFE”.






3 thoughts on “My Life….

  1. Sounds about par for the course at 24.

    Posted by futurepilgrim | March 28, 2016, 5:15 pm
  2. Well yes, you do have a good sense of humor. No good being disparaging and humorless.

    Posted by Ken Dowell | March 29, 2016, 2:11 am
  3. I love black humor. Witty texts are the best.

    Posted by kristinagallo | March 29, 2016, 9:11 am

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