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Trump, Islam, Politics and other rants!

One thing I was going to write in the title was; (“Allah U grab a SnackBar” and read on). But I thought that might anger my radical Islamic readers, so I very cleverly put it down here, one and a half inches below where I would have originally written it………only in much smaller font…….so they’ll never find me and cut my head off…..chumps!

. . .

The one thing, and probably the only one thing that I think Trump may be good for if elected President is this;

he is such a brute and an egomaniac, I really think he would destroy ISIS and any other extremist group as quickly and carelessly as he brushes his hair (or whatever that thing is) in the morning! And ISIS needs destroying! Bunch of ninnies if you ask me!

I’m left-wing on virtually every issue, but I know a problem when I see one. Islamic extremism is the biggest threat facing us today, no question. I have no time for people who say, “Oh, well, there are extremists in all religions, don’t single out Islam”. Well, sorry, but I will single out Islam, because they are the ones doing all the killing in the name of Allah in The Middle East, Africa and now Europe! Christians or Jews aren’t doing this in calculated efforts are they?

Religious extremism is bad in all cases, but not all religions are the same. Some or more violent and intolerant than others……..*cough*…Islam, at this present time – Islam used to be the most inclusive, progressive and scientific of religions back in the rightly named “Golden Age”…..what the fuck happened?……………..if you say, “We radicalized them by invading their lands”, then I’ll probably vomit. You couldn’t be more wrong and masochistic.

Trump, and most of the idiotic right wing people in America, as stupid as they are, actually see the problem with radical Islam, whereas the left wingers often refuse to even acknowledge that there is a problem within Islam………….Sanders included, which is sad, because I think, from all I’ve seen, he’d make a great President.

You see, political correctness has taken over the Left, in a BIG way. We Lefties, who used to be the most fearless, outspoken people, are now sullen and gloomy whenever the subject of any ethnic group or race or gender doing things morally questionable!

This has got to stop. The Left, I really think, has the moral high ground in general. We are for (or at least we used to be) the ‘many people’ and not the ‘few’. Doing things for the benefit of the greatest number of people, rather than the richest elite. Trump is a complete elitist boob, no doubt, as are the VAST majority or right wing politicians these days, but the very sad fact is this;

People as dumb and out of touch with the common people as Trump, are actually the only ones talking sense on the issue of Islamic terrorism! It’s mental!

Trump for Presidolt!…..oh, he’s already won that!







2 thoughts on “Trump, Islam, Politics and other rants!

  1. The only comment I’ll make is this:

    It’s IS. Not ISIS. They changed their name. Think of all the little girls and women names isis. Pls. 😦

    Posted by miusho | March 24, 2016, 10:06 am

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