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Is This Hypocritical?

This happens to be one of my favourite songs ever, actually a lot of Cat Steven’s songs make my list of best ever – – but Cat Stevens ceased to be in the mid 80’s when he embraced Islam and became ‘Yusuf Islam.’

This song and many of his still make me feel great when I listen to them? Can I still enjoy a person’s music whose ideas I find reprehensible!? I mean – he has called for the death of authors who make fun of Islam…….not good in my opinion!




2 thoughts on “Is This Hypocritical?

  1. Not hypocritical, just old news. I think you can like a piece of art, especially music, free from the context of its creation. It will never be entirely divorced from its origin but the man and the music have evolved along different paths – that’s a really old song. A lot of water under the bridge. Also, Yusuf calling out Saloman Rushdie is pretty old news in itself. I saw some media coverage of him, years ago now, and he spoke about religious tolerance and moderation. I would be surprised if he were still advocating violence. If he is, that might change the story, but then the dogma that would compel him to do so would probably require him to disavow the old music as well – which would in turn, absolve you of guilt for listening to it. The old songs would be heretical!

    Posted by futurepilgrim | March 21, 2016, 2:32 am

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