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Selfies? (Go F#@k Yourselfies!)


Take a picture of yourself.

Make sure you’re always doing something fun and looking your absolute best. Make sure you put out an image of yourself that represents the ideal life you’re living and not one iota less!

Don’t bother taking a picture of yourself vomiting and shaking the morning after a month long booze session! You might not want people to see you like that, but you cannot deny, it would be a FAR, FAR more interesting and thought-provoking photo (it could even help someone get sober, who knows?). Any photo of yourself in a compromising, possibly embarrassing situation would be so much more intriguing and effective, I think. Rather than endless photos of you looking all sexy and such.

I’ve never taken a selfie in my life, although, I don’t have much choice in the matter since I don’t have a camera on my phone. But think about this for a minute – The only way selfies are taken are with phone cameras – NEVER with proper cameras. No self-respecting photographer has ever taken a picture of him/herself and thought it to be anything more than just a practice photo working out their colours and filters or whatnot. Selfies are a totally modern phenomenon, and like all modern phenomena, they need to be destroyed in fire! Hipsters first, ISIS second, then selfie takers – the dandruff and quinoa flakes left over from the hipster burning keeps the fire hot for hours, by the way. Science!

I think I dislike selfies most of all because they simply lack creativity. They’re lazy. They aren’t unique. A picture of yourself with a filter or two laid over it is not interesting. That’s what kind of makes me think that most selfie-takers truly are just doing it out of total narcissism. They must be! Because honestly, how hard is it to turn a selfie from a boring pic of yourself into a humorous or at least somewhat humorous snapshot of randomness or fun? Something as simple as drawing a monobrow on and not acknowledging it at all – that’s funny enough! The possibilities for chuckles are endless. But the vast VAST majority of selfie-takers don’t do this, not even a little bit – which makes me think that they really are just doing it for the nice comments and the attention.

If you’ve also never taken a selfie, then good for you. We should all meet up sometime and have a party (phones will be confiscated upon entry of course).

Good day to you all. 🙂









One thought on “Selfies? (Go F#@k Yourselfies!)

  1. LOL just the word itself puts me off! 😉 G-uno

    Posted by idioglossiablog | March 18, 2016, 12:23 am

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