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Reader Requested Story

Please thank Futurepilgrim, benbittersblog and The DRAGONE Files for their topic suggestions.

They are;

Bears. Condoms. And, drunk racists.

. . .

Here’s a rough idea of what I’ve got so far

. . .

 Bears, Condoms and Drunk Racists.

. . .

Some drunk racists go camping, they bring condoms along with them because they want to bring back samples of Bear DNA on Donald Trump’s orders (he wants to clone bears and crossbreed them with tigers and lions to get the finest fur imaginable). Everything gets out of hand. The drunk racists mistake a bear in the darkness as a person of colour, so naturally they give chase and get lured into a trap set up by deer and rabbit hunters (the drunk racists were stupid enough to get themselves caught in a deer trap, that’s the joke).



One thought on “Reader Requested Story

  1. That’s a promising start.

    Posted by Ken Dowell | March 13, 2016, 3:15 pm

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