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Generation Party! (I’m a Party Pooper, RANT)


Utter dunces!

These be a very distinct group of young folks, they may exist in a town near you!

These people are of my age group (mid 20s) and my culture (Australian/Western). They are mostly quite attractive and they know it, hence the endless selfies (doesn’t bother me, I’m not bad either), and they are OBSESSED with material possessions AND their own physique and ego! I mean really obsessed. They buy needless things they don’t need (a 1000 dollar handbag, or a several hundred dollar work of tattoo art, if such a thing even exists), they believe they are the very epitome of interestingness and uniqueness – but, actually, genuinely interesting and unique people don’t go to the same four nightclubs on rotation every single weekend to do the exact same thing each fucking time…….drink, dance, look at the opposite sex with lust, drink, dance, puke, laugh (always sounds forced to me btw), drink, dance, text, instagram, repeat. Really, these people spend the majority of their nights’ out on their phones, completely disconnected from the ‘luxurious’ palaces of fun and frivolity they’ve devoted their time to for the night – the fuck is that about!? Is it just me, but when you see a group of young girls or guys in town on a Friday or Saturday night all laughing very loudly, making weird whooping noises and just generally acting like pretty dimwitted people, don’t you think that all that ‘fun’ looks and sound very forced? Like their actually really trying to have a good time and they kind of don’t know how? So they just act like buffoons, because that’s easy and it’s what all the other people are doing? Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thinks this? They just look sort of lost to me, like they’ve made plans with friends to get drunk and dance on the weekend, and then…………I don’t know, maybe it’s their upper-subconscious telling them, “You’re drunk and you’ve danced, you’ve achieved all you planned for this night, from now on, your primate, animalistic brain will be the author of your actions, I’m punching out for the night”.

This, I think, is their list for one week – –

  1. Monday – Get up, go to work.
  2. Tuesday – Repeat.
  3. Wednesday – Repeat.
  4. Thursday – Repeat, some light drinking, maybe go down the beach to work on their tan (yeck!).
  5. Friday – PARTY TIME! They be going to Red Square nightclub to drink, dance, drink, dance, repeat.
  6. Saturday – It’s PARTY TIME again! Woohoo, let’s do the exact same thing as last night, but at a different club 200 metres down the street! Woohoo!
  7. Sunday – Sleep off the brutal hangover, get up in the afternoon, put up on Facebook how AWFUL you feel and how you’re NEVER DRINKING AGAIN! (yawn).

Uhhm, so yeah, I am a terribly negative person, I know. But I think these people need to be shown the errors of their ways – they are literally wasting their lives away in a 2 square mile radius each weekend.


And to be honest, when normal people who just like to drink a lot on the weekends talk on Facebook like this; “Oh my God, I’m such an alcoholic” or “#alcoholiclife” or any shit like that, I get quite unreasonably angry. Why? Because I am living the alcoholic life, and I am an alcoholic! I know I shouldn’t be angry about other people’s’ drinking habits, but I just am. I am so broken down by alcohol at this point and I’ve researched how awful it is for the body and brain (it’s the WORST drug in the world in terms of how much damage it does even in moderate doses, no question), that I just can’t tolerate any sort of talk like that! That makes me sound like the biggest hypocrite in the universe, I know, but I don’t enjoy alcohol anymore, it’s in my brain, I can’t stop for good…yet. If enjoy like drinking alcohol quite a bit, then good, go for it, but I look at you no different than I look at a heroin user, pill-popper or lazy, jobless pot smoker….sorry. 😦

This whole post was entirely negative. But you’re all probably used to that by now heh? 🙂

Love you all, especially all you first time readers.

Bye. Safe Journeys.



3 thoughts on “Generation Party! (I’m a Party Pooper, RANT)

  1. It’s not a negative post.
    It’s the cattle thing. You know following the herd. Safer for them.

    Posted by Thumbup | February 10, 2016, 3:00 pm
    • That’s exactly what it looks like haha!
      I once went to a big nightclub, and I was virtually assaulted by a rather unattractive girl who kept screaming at me “you’re GAY”, “hey this guy’s gay, that’s the only reason he wouldn’t dance with me!” hahaha, ruined the whole scene for me for life…for the better! lol
      I didn’t want to dance with her, and therefore I am gay! haha

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | February 10, 2016, 3:29 pm

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