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Buddy Rich (The Finest Musician Who Has Ever Lived!)

I used to play drums. I gave up after my brother asked for his drum set back.

People talk about the drummer of their favourite band of the moment being the best drummer ever.

But simply no, Buddy Rich! Was the best drummer ever, and I don’t think anyone will ever come close……I mean, the things that Buddy Rich does in this video and most of his YouTube videos beggar belief, I was trained as a drummer, and I still can’t believe most of what he’s doing in this video, let alone any other YT video of him.

He might be the most freakish musical talent that has ever existed…..

to put it into context, I studied drums in High School. but at 0:56, I literally have no idea how he is making those sounds!

Classical Pianists know when Mozart or Liszt makes a great key change or musical shift, but I cannot understand how Buddy Rich, as an old man, could make those drum strokes…..I just don’t know!





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