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Ever Wondered What It Was Like For The Germans On D-Day?

This game is a game I’ve recently become fond of rather a lot. It’s called Project Reality WW2. It’s quite new, but it’s the most realistic and intense ww2 game I’ve ever played.

Just scroll ahead to 5:00 on this video to hear the shock and horror in the player’s voice – and then just think, this is at the very least, one one-millionth of what the Germans had to deal with on that famous day in 1944!!

Some terrifying things you hear when you play on this Omaha Beach map, “Oh god there’s so many of them”, “Oh god, they’ve broken through”, “OH GOD, THEIR TANKS HAVE MADE IT ASHORE!” A lot of Oh Gods, and A LOT of dying, as was the norm in WW2, sadly.

People who don’t play video games probably won’t get anything out of this, but I just wanted to put into your minds the fear and utter dread that is war! And this game does it better than any other war game I’ve ever played.







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