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The Left

The Left has some utterly warped minds within it’s deeper ranks;
People who claim to be devoted to free-speech, liberty and freedom of all kinds;
yet they publicly shame and bully people who use ‘offensive’ language, they bully people who wear questionable items of clothing, and they actually get annoyed about which gender pronouns are used – honestly, ‘zhee’ is their proposed alternative to ‘he’ and ‘she’. They’re not for free-speech, they try to stifle certain words and ideas at every corner.
All the while, they never say a damn word about the hardcore Islamic ideas and practices and Sharia Law in the Middle East and Africa – an ideology that makes no bones about the fact that women can’t learn or drive or talk in certain situations, where gay people are being thrown off rooftops. No, they don’t talk criticize Islam because, “that’s their religion, and we must respect all religions”.
One of these dunces actually said that the bikini is a more oppressive form of clothing than the Burqa!
I’m just making noises at this point, much like the people I’m writing about.

What ever happened to the old Left, the hardcore criticizers of every single power structure on Earth. The funny, joking Left. Sigh, please come back!



10 thoughts on “The Left

  1. Cheers to that thought process

    Posted by charlypriest | December 7, 2015, 11:54 am
  2. Nailed it

    Posted by fastfall | December 7, 2015, 3:06 pm
  3. In response to your last paragraph, have you heard of Bernie Sanders? (And I’m not going to get drawn into a political discussion, but I have the same feelings about the R party. What happened to the moderate, reasonable, intelligent R party of 30 years ago? Both parties are hurtling towards their extremist margins.)

    Posted by riding on empty | December 7, 2015, 5:42 pm
    • I know, yeah. The strange thing is, it’s like this all over the world! Not just in America or Europe, but Lefties all over the world are becoming more tyrannically controlling, and the Right is becoming more and more intolerant of minorities etc. I can’t explain it. lol

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | December 8, 2015, 6:55 am
      • Me either. I grew up as a good Reagan Republican, voted Democrat (mostly, I rarely every vote straight party line) in my 20’s and 30’s and now in my 40’s I can’t identify with either US party. You’re right – the world is becoming polarized (or maybe it always was and we just get to see more of it with the proliferation of news and the intergoogles.)

        Posted by riding on empty | December 8, 2015, 8:19 pm
      • At least in your country you have the choice to vote or not, in Australia we HAVE to vote by law! But, I always vote for the silliest party, the ‘Gamers First’ Party or one of those! haha

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | December 9, 2015, 7:22 am
      • Have to vote? I wish we had that here. We end up with “leaders” (of either party) who usually end up “winning” with maybe the vote of 20% of the population. But, that is representative democracy for you. (Are you guys a parlimentary system? I wish we had that here. More parties, more choice. There is no more moderate/centrist party in the USA.)

        Posted by riding on empty | December 9, 2015, 3:47 pm
      • We are a Parliament, yeah. I hate both the Labour party(Left) and the Liberal National party(right) over here, even though I’m almost entirely left on most things (except military matters), the Labour party here is just a sullen group of masochists.
        It’s great though, because we have some really insane small parties on the vote ballot – like the “Gamers First party”, the “Swingers Party” etc.
        I don’t vote for any party at voting time, I just draw a small box in the corner of the ballot paper, and write “Jedi”! haha
        Come to think of it, Mandatory Voting is great – it encourages genuine outrage and creativity among the normal voting public! haha I love Australia sometimes! We do a lot of things totally wrong, but the things we do right, we fucking do them better than anyone else in the world! haha

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | December 9, 2015, 4:15 pm
      • Huntsman Spider Party. I’d vote for that.

        Posted by riding on empty | December 9, 2015, 5:19 pm
      • Fuck yeah! They’d win everything out of pure fear! Politics en large! lol

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | December 9, 2015, 5:22 pm

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