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Paris. (Islam Rant)

You know what? I’m going to go out on a limb here, but here goes;

I’m beginning to think that Islam as a religion/belief system may actually be too dangerous to be allowed. I know, sounds insane. But hear me out;

I know that the terrorists are only a small portion of global muslims, but still, it’s too large a group. AND, the moderate muslims do NOTHING about terrorist attacks. They say, “Oh well, those guys aren’t real muslims”, that’s all they fucking say! There needs to be a civil war of ideas and possibly arms within Islam between the good ones and the fucking evil ones, moderate, good muslims cannot just explain away Islamic terrorism with glib platitudes and non-committal talk!

People who say that Islamic terrorists are only attacking us because we’ve been mean to them, occupying their lands etc, are simply masochistic morons! Islamic terrorism has been happening for centuries before the wars in the Middle East, they’ve attacked Indonesia (a country with no stock in the recent Middle East wars), they attacked the US Navy in the 1700’s, capturing and enslaving American sailors, why? Because “Allah allows us to do so”, said the Sultan at the time! I repeat, the sole cause of Islamic terrorism IS NOT our resistance to it!

Yes, Christianity has killed far more people throughout history than Islam has, but Christianity went through a revolution imposed upon it by the ever-growing realms of science and rational thought. Islam has never gone through such a thing, and it looks as though they never will, because they fight with bombs and acid and bullets AGAINST it! Against the Western world and our ways of freedom and liberty and rational thought!

I’m physically angry about the Paris attacks. And I may just be venting a bit. But, the great author and neuroscientist, Sam Harris says, “There may be some ideas that are so awful and antithetical to human happiness that they should be stopped, and anyone holding those beliefs should be punished”, and I really rather agree with that.

Anyway, I still stand by my, brilliant if I say so myself, theory that the Middle East should be evacuated, then dismantled and turned into a HUGE solar farm, that would surely go towards saving the Earth’s energy crisis a bit, no?



4 thoughts on “Paris. (Islam Rant)

  1. Agree and disagree w/you. Nonetheless. America has aggravated (by an oil grab) Islamic nations that were once isolated. Greed is a killer!

    Posted by America On Coffee | November 20, 2015, 7:05 pm
  2. America is filled with its own evils. America must cleanse itself, stop being greedy, stop policing the world and secure its own boundaries.

    Islamic people did not create bombs. The bomb evil has been spread and shared (European/Western nations) with Islamic nations in oil warfares. Now it is open season for evil.

    America is a big attraction for such (I hope it is not U.S. payback). By our own U.S. greed, we have set ourselves up for mayhem. We are all better off in our own habitat.Yes, terrorist actions should not go unpunished. Here is what America has for its immigration protection:

    Article 1158 Title VIII USC requires that immigrants into the US cannot have a faith which contradict the US Constitution (where Christian edicts are throughout). And Sharia Law , anti-Christian, is embedded in the Islamic faith.

    Posted by America On Coffee | November 21, 2015, 6:15 pm
    • The US Constitution is in no way comparable to Sharia Law. This terrorism isn’t a new thing that was created by US interference in Muslim lands. Look up the Barbary Wars (Ottoman Muslims took US naval men prisoner and enslaved them back when the US was a brand new country in the 1700’s). Look at the way Islamic terrorists go after countries that have had nothing to do with the wars in the Middle East, they’ve attacked China, Indonesia and even against Christians in African countries.
      The root cause of Islamic jihad and terrorism is not our resistance to it. Yes, America is fucked up quite a bit, but it’s NOTHING compared to radical Islam.

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | November 22, 2015, 4:24 pm

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