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Not So SmartPhone!

I’ll be honest, I do not own a smartphone, not even close! I own a Nokia ‘candybar’ phone from I think 2004 or 05. It does everything a phone, to me, needs to do – namely, make and receive texts and calls.

It does have a colour screen, though, I’m not a savage! It has no camera, no video, no picture display device, and it’s always funny when someone tries to send me a photo…..and my phone goes, “ARGH! We can’t comprehend this shit!”

It’s quite nice to actually be present in everyday life, I feel. When I walk down the street, or get on a train, I actually look at my surroundings, and perhaps interact with other human beings! Quite often I will drive around for a few hours, just driving around, trying to check out new places I’ve never been before. If I had a smartphone, I’d just stay at home and look at pictures of new places I’ve never been to!

“PP, or Phone Panic” is a term I’ve invented. We’ve all seen it and experienced it. We’re out to dinner, and the person we’ve devoted our time to for the evening constantly is checking their phone every 30 seconds or so…….yuck, you my lady are worse than this stale bread!

Anyway, do you think you could live without a smartphone, or do you already?




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