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Anyone reading this probably has a blog of their own……..so read what I’ve got to say – one blogger to another, k?

Apparently, people can make enough money from blogging to support their lives. Enough money to live comfortably on. Who are these people? Well, they tend to be people who write about ONE and only one topic, like travel or food or business or blogging itself.

These sites claiming to give you the knowledge to make your own blog a money-house, I think, are deceitful and dangerous. Blogs like mine, where I talk about utter nonsense, are of no value to people, it seems. Believe me, I’d love nothing more than to ditch my job and live off of my blog earnings, but that’s not possible.

But, those travel, fashion or food blogs are powerhouses. I have a friend from high school called Issy, she runs her own fashion and makeup website, at the age of 22! And she makes more than enough to live on……fucking bitch! šŸ™‚

It would seem that blogs dedicated to absurd humor and rants isn’t exactly what people are willing to pay for.

Oh well.

My point is this; the only way people make money blogging is the following,

  1. Donations – People can choose to donate money to the blog………….just to tell ya, this NEVER happens, I’ve already talked to one very big blogger who told me that they’ve received less than one dollar in donations!
  2. Ads – You CAN put ads on your blog, and Google or whoever will pay you for it, but it’s absolutely miniscule!
  3. Merch – you can make shirts, pants etc, and sell them via the internets…….I think this is the best, most moral way of making money online. I hope to one day be able to do this!
  4. There is no 4, that’s it!

SO, blogging is hard and time-using, but why do we still do it? Because we like to interact with others via our thoughts.

So, keep blogging comrades, for mother Internets!




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